Honesty is as valued in your business as it is in your personal life. To be a successful entrepreneur it’s very important to know unequivocally, “I run an honest business.” No argument there, right? Consider this: It is just as important to your success to be able to know with certainty, “I run an emotionally honest business.” This latter statement demonstrates great business savvy, and here’s why:

 When you develop emotional honesty, you have the ability to recognize,respect and value the wisdom of your heart.

 Now, you might ask, “Just what is emotional honesty?” That’s a great question! And asking great questions is the perfect place to start to grow emotionally honesty.

So, let’s ‘answer’ that first question by considering a few more:

  • How well do you actually know yourself and allow others to know you?
  • Do you listen to and respect your intuition and your feelings?
  • Do you pay attention to what your heart tells you and speak up about it?
  • Do you put yourself on the line and ask questions?
  • Do you learn about others’ unique potential and offer support?
  • Do you pay attention to and act on your gut feelings?

Honesty means respecting the wisdom of both your heart and your head. It means listening to your gut instincts; they reflect insight and good judgment. Whatever you deeply sense most often proves to be valid.

Your feelings are powerful catalysts for change. They clarify who you are right now, what you’re capable of becoming and where you are going in your life and work.

Emotional honesty is about appropriately expressing feelings that are consistent with your values and purpose. It is at the heart of self-respect and caring for others.

 To grow your emotional honesty, take the time to write it down!

Set aside time to reflect and write without judgment about your personal life and your work every day. Write whatever comes up in emotionally honest words. There is no correct way to express your thoughts and feelings – honesty just is what it is. Give yourself five minutes or twenty; the length of time is far less important than the fact that you create the habit to know yourself better through your feelings and word-thoughts.

Writing by hand produces better results for most people, so we suggest you experiment with doing that versus typing or dictating. Pick out a journal that you’ll enjoy using. A commitment to write for three weeks or more will bring unforeseen breakthroughs in your habitual thinking and feeling.

 Put emotional honesty to work for you – grow it and use it!

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