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Whenever I am shopping, staying in a hotel, eating in a restaurant or speaking with a vendor, I try to pay really close attention to the quality of the service I’m receiving.

As an entrepreneur, it’s a chance for me to learn how companies both large and small can improve customer service. Some experiences wow me, while others disappoint.

Often, it’s the little thoughts and niceties that catch my attention.

Like the clothing store cashier who took an extra minute to reassure me that I could return the item I just purchased. Or, the telephone company representative who voluntarily reviewed my phone bill and saved me $22 a month. Yesterday, a nice dental assistant wrote down my calendar availability and promised to call when a suitable last-minute appointment opened up.

Not every experience can be positive. Earlier this week, an assistant at a hardware store directed me to another hardware store because “they definitely have that part.” Sceptical, I called that other store to discover they did not have that part – saving me a half hour drive across town.

I’ll never shop at that first hardware store again.

It’s been said that customers vote with their wallets and their feet. It’s a wonderful expression because it helps business owners to remember the consequences of improper or inadequate customer attention.

Roger Pierce


This week’s guest blogger is Roger Pierce, one of Canada’s top small business experts. He takes what’s he’s learned from starting and running 12 small businesses and shares it with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide.

His company, Pierce Content Marketing, creates advice-rich how-to articles, guides and videos to help large corporations to engage entrepreneurs.

Roger writes about small business issues for a number of leading Canadian publications. He’s also co-author of the book, Thriving Solo: How to Grow a Successful Business.

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