While it is common knowledge that physical fitness is beneficial for your heart, did you know there is another sort of ‘nonphysical’ fitness that benefits your heart too – even affecting it in physiological ways that medical science is working feverishly to comprehend? I’m talking about the often-elusive benefits of emotional fitness.

Emotional fitness builds your heart’s strength, stamina and flexibility while it increases your authenticity, believability and trust.

Take a moment to acknowledge some of the many ways that emotional fitness inspires you and calls you to action:

•    to expand your capabilities
•    to readily forgive yourself and others
•    to be enthusiastic
•    to be resilient
•    to be hardy
•    to adapt
•    to care
•    to support others

Emotional fitness strengthens your spirit and equips you to do all the things your heart is inspired to do and to be. Your core personal values and character are revealed in its essence, and few things matter more than this to a successful business leader or entrepreneur.

In our next few posts, we’ll share some valuable tactics for learning how to ‘flex your heart’ for your personal and professional benefit. Stay tuned!

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