• Realize that you are the one responsible for your future, the outcome of your business and/or the completion of your work. Create a comfortable and productive work environment, one in which you love to spend time. Surround yourself with the little extras that make your day easier: the most comfortable chair you can afford, music, plants, etc.
  • Inspire yourself by reading the stories of others who have become successful while building their own business or changing from working in an office to tele-commuting. Get great ideas for your office by looking at examples online. It doesn’t have to be expensive, start with what you already have.
  • Take advantage of the freedom you have by creating your own unique schedule if at all possible – one that works for you and lets you work when you are at your best, whether that be early morning or the middle of the night.
  • Never forget the benefits – more exercise, increased health as you can cook your own meals, breaks where you can spend your time doing what you want – especially outdoors.
  • Stay organized. Take the time time to keep your office area organized and everything in its place. It’s an expression that is heard a lot but it does make your life a lot easier.

Live the dream.

Many who work from home don’t realize just how fortunate they are and the freedoms they have. They continue on as if they are still working for an employer. An office of their own design, the things around them that they love, the people around them that they love – these are the priceless benefits of working remotely.

by dierken

image by dierken on Flickr

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