Implementing your chosen strategy—your Future Vision—is how to make your ‘dreams come true’. This is as true in running a business as in any venture: marriage, gardening, remodeling, retirement, world travel… even walking on the moon.

The late astronaut Neil Armstrong made history with the words, “That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.” This momentous leap was made collaboratively by scores of men and women, who could envision, plan, design, test, learn and take risky steps—again and again—to execute a strategy that ultimately succeeded.

That’s how mankind reached the moon, the Mars rover reached its destination, and it’s how you and I can reach our business goals: taking small and inherently risky steps. Too much contemplation cripples us when regret of past shortcomings and anticipation of future failures cause us to miss the golden opportunity of the ‘now’: doing business in the present.

DemGen’s virtual team of experts supports and implements the entrepreneurial vision of successful clients every day. To create effective end results we use our collective eXecution Intelligence, also called XQ, to implement plans and get the job done. We launch products, communicate unique value propositions, let fly winged ideas and bravely test numerous ‘business babies’ to see: Can they walk? Will they run?

Successful entrepreneurs learn to sharpen their focus, enlist expert team members, trust their support, hand over the reins of responsibility, and take risks, as they implement strategic action steps. Choosing these same habits of operation can enhance your business too.

Do you want to harness the intelligence of your ideas with the intelligence of action to maximize your own XQ? Use these 3 steps, again and again:

  • Keep an uncluttered focus on producing one timely result.
  • Convert plans into simple steps and bravely act on them.
  • Don’t beat a ‘dead horse’ idea. Learn, let it go… “Next!”

Take smartly chosen risks and reap the rewards. Send your business “to the moon, Alice!” DemGen can help you get there.