If you’re looking for an effective, efficient and new way to market your product, you don’t always have to look very far. A large part of branding and marketing revolves around the attraction theories of product packaging, and if you’re interested in gaining more clientele, this might be a tactic to look into for your business.

It isn’t uncommon for most people to choose their brands based on loyalty, in fact, it’s probably the most common way for brands to be chosen. Either you’ve heard great things about a product, you’ve been told by a trusted peer that they recommend it, or you’ve just seen it as the most widely used products are often how products go from the shelves to our homes. But how do you get people to deviate from the norm? How do you get them to go from relying on their emotions about a product, to trying something new? One of the best ways to accomplish this? Play the attraction game.

The attraction game in packaging is literally all about how the product looks. There are many ways to approach designing product packaging, which all include intense research. Colour schemes, fonts, logos, minimalist versus eccentric designs, size, and positioning are all factors that should be researched when you’re putting together you’re packaging. These factors can draw buyers away from well-established products by alerting their cosmetic preferences.

Product packaging is also pivotal in showcasing professionalism. You may have the best product on the market, but if it isn’t attractive or professional looking, clients and consumers will have a hard time trusting it. This will cause them to stick to the brands they already know.

Younger consumers respond positively to attractive packaging especially well. This is because they are sensitive to their personal cosmetic preferences. With the world constantly throwing hundreds of products at them, younger generations tend to take less time reading labels and have begun making product choices based on what leaves the best or biggest impression.

Packaging covers a wide range of areas, including labels, signs, and shipping containers. Take a step back and look at how you’re currently packaging your product or business. Successful packaging should combine an attractive appearance with proof of functionality to achieve the greatest success. If you’re just starting out, or are looking to expand your business, remember that your packaging is what people see first. The first impression is decided within 3 seconds of viewing your product, and attractive packaging can help keep the game of attraction playing in your favour.


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