There are many types of small business owners, some just starting out and many who have been in business a long time. They tend to have one thing in common, they aren’t able to get their work done.

It isn’t that they aren’t capable of doing the work or not smart enough. The problem is they are trying to do too much, a variety of tasks, many of which they aren’t suited to. If you’ve read some of our other posts, we stress how each of us has genius abilities, those things that we are naturally very good at and love to do.

These business owners haven’t quite figured out yet what their special abilities are, or they want to do it all. Once they do realize what they’re best at and want to spend time working on that part of their business, that still leaves them with all of the other business tasks that will have to be completed by someone.

There is the administrative work, the marketing and advertising, customer calls to make, emails to be sent and newsletters. Someone needs to oversee projects and manage employees once they are hired. Payroll and financing, appointments and correspondence. All of these need to be looked after and you, as the business owner, somehow need to keep your finger in all of the pies also. It’s no wonder you aren’t getting your work done.

The answer is to surround yourself with a team of workers, each with their own special talents, who also know how to collaborate because they are used to working as a team. Virtual teams are experts at looking at what needs to be done, discussing it with you and doing it to your standards (or even higher!). They have project managers that take all of the extra work out of your hands so you can get your work done and leave the other tasks to those members of the team who excel at them. While you are still responsible for running your business, the team is responsible for understanding what you want done and completing it efficiently and to the best of their ability, all on schedule.

Yes, your business may be complicated and you may have multiple deadlines. Take your capabilities, focus on those and let the team take care of all of the other distractions. Yes, the work has to be done but it doesn’t all have to be done by you!

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