“Adults who feel more gratitude are more likely to have increased feelings of well being; higher levels of happiness, and lower levels of depression and stress. Therefore, less attitude and more gratitude.” – Unknown

I admit to being on both sides of this equation and agree with the premise. I also am aware that I am continuously more conscious when I start going to the other side of the equation and the instances or triggers that can move me that way.

Having the good fortune to have an awesome well-being support team in my personal and professional life is so very important. Yes, I still have judgment and yes, I still visit the other side from time to time.  Even briefly can be a very tiring exercise. I like things that are simple and being a visual person I have attached strong pictures to each of these lifestyle choices.

In the “Attitude” section I see judgment – literally a court judge, heavy feeling, dark, official, complete with jury and all. And guess what? I’m the judge, have every spot on the witness stand line up AND, I’m the jury = Yikes! (Not a fair trial.)

On the other side, I see “GRATITUDE”. I’m in nature (my favourite place to recharge), on one of my favourite hiking trails and when I reach the summit, I have all my friends, family, colleagues at the top and we’re celebrating our gratitude for each other. We are open and accepting, supporting and loving. Best of all, this is true! I have all of this all the time and real-time, and I can access it on demand with no internet or cable connection required. It’s factory installed!

So, when I find myself going into ‘court’, I take a breath.  Sometimes I need to take a lot of breaths and I then choose to go with Gratitude. I am always learning, teaching, evolving and loving.

Thank you for being a part of this magnificent ‘project’ we call life.