Simple: Not complex or complicated; free from guile or vanity

What does it mean to run a business simply and how can you do it?

When starting your own small business the most important outcome is that your business will thrive for many years to come. In order to do that your business must be based upon honest concepts. To do this there are some key ingredients that are needed:

  1. Focus on one main product or service and make it the best that you can
  2. Take responsibility. This includes for your values and morals, way of life and your dealings with others.
  3. Give good value to your customers. This goes right back to taking responsibility. If you are the company and you and your product or service are connected closely, your name will be synonymous with your offering.
  4. Take your time and spend wisely. Trying to act like a large corporation when what your customers want and need is someone they can work closely with on a personal level will not help your business, it will cause stagnation.
  5. Keep it simple. Avoid business jargon and buzzwords. Both put people off and make your company as well as your employees look like they are not interested in the long haul.

Use the word simple rather than organic, a concept which is being tossed around a lot and the reason for this post. Using words to describe your business that others may take in the wrong way is not a good idea. You want your clients to recognize your company and your products and not have to ask numerous questions to understand your methods.

The simplest way is often the most straight forward way. Treat your customers as people, not as numbers and develop relationships with them.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. ~Leonardo DaVinci


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