“DemGen looks for the best use and alignment of my skills to support the goals of other entrepreneurs. We use the term “Genius Abilities” to describe each team member’s strengths and passion in the world of work. DemGen provides the venue for Genius Abilities to meet in synergistic confluence and the outcomes are wonderful, exceptional, and pleasurable. Having worked with DemGen for less than a year on an interesting variety of projects, I am most excited about the current one – it is a perfect match for my talents and expertise! Can you tell that I’m glad to be on DemGen’s virtual team?”

Copy/Content Writer and Editor


“They saying that finding something you love to do, and turning that passion into a profession, is one of the keys to a balanced and happy lifestyle. And that is exactly what working at DemGen has brought to my life!
With variety being “the spice of life”, DemGen’s positive attitude and team-based approach allows all of us to use our skills and talents to their highest and best use. Whether assisting new entrepreneurs get started, or helping existing ones grow the business’ of their dreams…. every client’s success feels personal to me. Watching those successes, and being lucky enough to be part of them, gives me the greatest sense of pride and accomplishment. Every single day. So… Thank YOU DemGen!”

Customer Support and Administration


“Working with DemGen is the best possible example of virtual team work that anyone could experience. The team is unique in that the team members care for each other and there is a feeling of family. The benefit of having others to rely on for backup as well as support with multiple projects combined with their ‘get it done attitude’ contributes to a combination that is invaluable. Working with DemGen allows me to do what I do best!”
Customer Specialist


“DemGen is a very special company and client to work with. Entrepreneurship runs in its DNA, and everyone on the team is highly skilled in his/her area of expertise. DemGen’s projects are challenging and allow me to use the full breath of my skills and knowledge. At the same time, nowhere else have I had more fun while helping build a business. While DemGen is always serious about delivering top-notch value for its clients, the atmosphere is always informal and light. Sometimes I find it hard to tell whether I’m working with clients or hanging out with my buddies! The team is full of real, authentic people who always treat you with respect. If you think you’re a good fit for the DemGen team, reach out asap. It doesn’t get any better than this. ”

Strategic Advisor


“Working at DemGen has been a dream job that I never knew did or could exist. When I first came on board I thought that this job and this team were too good to be true. I was just waiting for them to reveal a variance in their modus operandi but if anything, they have demonstrated that they stay true to their word, values and integrity. The good times haven’t waned in the least! The working relationships are even stronger and more positive and continue to grow on a daily basis. DemGen has allowed me the freedom to work from home and at the same time grow as a professional and as a person. Even my husband has noticed a big difference as I am not cloaked in the negativity that often enveloped me at my old job. Bravo DemGen! I am indeed a believer in your company, its values, and great business acumen!”

Customer Support and Recruiting


“Being able to work from home at a job that I love to do, while using my genius ability to better benefit the whole team as well as our clients, is a wonderful feeling. My decision to join Team DemGen has not waivered since day one. At DemGen I feel like we all “have each others back”. Unlike my previous job, I now feel that I can be open, contribute freely and my opinion matters. I love being a part of the day to day life of DemGen!”

Administration, Research and Systems Management


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. – Confucious

I have been with DemGen for 4 years and I can truly say I have the best job in the world. Being a virtual business associate for DemGen has given me opportunities to work different campaigns for different clients. I thoroughly enjoy providing excellent customer service/data entry and doing it from the comfort of my own home is superb. Even though I am not surrounded by my co-workers, we utilize many tools to keep in touch daily. I never feel alone and always know I have the support of my team. We work together and always get the job done! Power is a wonderful thing and when this team sends out a message or request, whether it be an email or a quick conference call, we have this way of focusing and magnifying the power to accomplish the task.
I am very grateful for DemGen and feel that gratitude in return.

To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given a chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life. The money is the gravy. – Bette Davis”

Customer Support and Lead Generation


“On a personal note, the immediate and automatic reward for working with DemGen comes from working at home. I love how the ease and comfort of home informs my work day and I’ve noticed the positive impact it has on my customer relations. Working from home also satisfies my sense of environmental responsibility. It feels good to work for a company that completely avoids the waste of commuter/office culture while at the same time maintaining a sense of culture and community. On a broader scale, I feel that DemGen is building an important template for sustainable business practice in the information industry and it’s interesting and exciting to be involved as the future unfolds.”

Customer Support


“After just a short time with DemGen, I’m in love. I’ve never been so happy working for anyone. DemGen is a team of honest, reliable, extremely skilled and supportive people who, simply put, know how to get the job done! It feels like family. And they treat every single contact as if they are family as well. It’s impossible to go wrong with DemGen.”

Customer Support and Administration


“DemGen ROCKS! I’ve always wondered why companies pay their workers to come in to the office, only to sit around waiting for something to do? Sure seems like a waste of time and money. With DemGen I no longer have boring down time! But the best part about DemGen has to be the TEAM! I’ve been on a lot of conference calls in my day… It was clear after the first DemGen team call that it’s a different kind of company! Everyone is so positive and happy. Not to mention there’s someone on the team for everything, so I only have to do what I’m best at. It’s about time for work to be fun.Yay DemGen!”

Marketing Director


“DemGen’s interpretation of “team” derives win-win advantage and value for both we who work here as well as our clients, so that Bob Slydell would have to apply standard operating procedure elsewhere. For us, it means we’re never over- or under-utilized. We can accept those tasks that best fit our individual skills and availability, and pass on those tasks that are better handled by anothr team member with the right skills to get the job done. This encourages a higher sense of ownership, accountability and professional pride in what we do. For our clients, it means maximum return on their investment, knowing that an optimized blend of talents are assigned to their care. ”

Client Support


“Coming from a fairly rigid corporate environment, I have found that working as an independent contractor with DemGen affords me a workstyle that I can actually enjoy and call my own. The atmosphere amongst the DemGen team is business-like yet relaxed and provides me with the freedom to set my own schedule and do the work that I choose to do, which ultimately translates into giving my best to DemGen and its clients. There is a great level of respect and understanding from the management team that trickles down to everyone who works with them, and it makes for a very comfortable and non-threatening work environment. DemGen’s virtual business model has not prevented any its contractors from working well together and for my part, the benefit of working from home and being able to be there for my family is priceless. (As a matter of fact, mid-way through writing this, I was able to help my daughter put on her snowpants). Thank you, DemGen, for having the insight to build a business that benefits everyone!”

Operations Manager


“The benefits of working for DemGen are working with the most amazing, happy and positive people. The support and love is nothing I have ever experienced before in any employed situation. I am very lucky to be a part of such a wonderful team and working in the comfort of my own home. I have worked virtually with all tools necessary to do my job with DemGen for almost six years. Team conference calls are the best and when we do get together in person the time spent is phenomenal. Thank you DemGen for the most amazing ride and opportunity! All my love.”

Customer Support and Administration


“I’ve had a business partner relationship with DemGen for a few years now. I have to admit when I initially entered into a partnership with them I wasn’t expecting much due to past similar relationships that never turned out… but working with DemGen has been a breath of fresh air. They do what they say they are going to do, they have their act together, are quick to pay you and most importantly have an awesome team behind them of caring and very talented people. If you have the opportunity to work with DemGen as a team member, business partner or client I wouldn’t think twice.”

John Gorecki
Web Design & Online Marketing Partner