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demgen the master key systemThe Master Key System is one of the original personal development programs and has provided guidance for countless masters of business.  It’s reported that it was the inspiration for Bill Gates to leave Harvard to create Microsoft.  Along with The Science of Getting Rich, it was also the inspiration for film and book The Secret.

Originally published in 1912, by Charles F. Haanel, an American author, millionaire, entrepreneur, and businessman, we are pleased to present these materials as a 24-part weekly course as it was originally delivered.

Through the weekly lessons and exercises, The Master Key System will train your mind to think correctly – in both business and life.

It is not education or birthright, but the application of our knowledge that inspires us to succeed.

“Knowledge doesn’t apply itself”, Charles F. Haanel 

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Table of Contents:

Week One: An Introduction to The Master Key System
Week Two: The Basics of Your Mind
Week Three: Realizing Your Mental Resources
Week Four: Reversing the Process—From Cause to Effect
Week Five: The Creative Mind
Week Six: The Brain of Man
Week Seven: Utilizing the Omnipotent Power
Week Eight: Thought and It’s Results
Week Nine: Affirmations and Your Mind
Week Ten: A Certain Definite Cause
Week Eleven: Inductive Reasoning and the Objective Mind
Week Twelve: The Power of Concentration
Week Thirteen: The Dreams of the Dreamer
Week Fourteen: The Creative Power of Thought
Week Fifteen: The Law Under Which We Live
Week Sixteen: Gaining Spiritual Understanding
Week Seventeen: Symbols and Reality
Week Eighteen: The Law of Attraction
Week Nineteen: Your Mental Food
Week Twenty: The Spirit of Things
Week Twenty-One: To Think Big Thoughts
Week Twenty-Two: Spiritual Seeds
Week Twenty-Three: The Law of Success is Service
Week Twenty-Four: Alchemy

This book has changed many lives, including ours here at DemGen and can do the same for you!