The Future Vision Map is an approved continuing education provider for the Investors Group Practice/Education Credit program.

The Practice/Education Credit program is part of Investors Group benefit program. Consultants and Directors who receive these credits have the discretion to use them to fund registration fees and business expenses towards approved external training and professional coaching programs.

The Future Vision Map is a detailed, collaborative planning process to define your business vision and map out a comprehensive action plan to manifest that vision.

Our Future Vision Business Strategist and Marketing Expert work with you on a one-on-one basis to define and clarify: the business purpose, structure and organization; revenue and profitability; customers and volume; operation and systems; and exit strategy.

The final deliverable is a detailed action plan that goes beyond traditional business or marketing plans to give you a clear and achievable vision for the future, to bring clarity and focus to goals.  Our team of Future Vision Leaders then help you to effectively implement the steps required to achieve success.

Here’s what your colleagues are saying about the Future Vision Map:

Before we learned of and approached DemGen, we were feeling ‘stuck’ in second gear; our business had plateaued and we were finding it difficult to attract new clients.

We were bogged down by all the ‘stuff’ – administrative, organizational and operational. We knew we were excellent at what we did (our services), but we needed to get in front of more clients. We’d tried all the marketing tactics that others try in our industry – seminars, referral marketing, networking, etc. but to no avail.

Then we met DemGen and signed up for their ‘Future Vision Map’. From Day 1, it was an enlightening experience. Faheem, DemGen’s strategist and coach, encouraged us to introspect and understand what makes us tick. He also asked excellent questions that uncovered various insights about the market, competitors and trends. Together we came up with a unique positioning for our business that was so simple yet provided us with a clear point of differentiation amongst our competitors. We then put together a practical implementation plan to bring our ideas to life.

The journey towards building our Future Vision Map with DemGen was a complete eye-opener. We are now more enthusiastic and energized about our business and focus on our priorities rather than being overwhelmed by everyday tasks. Our business is now on the road to growth and success.

We would encourage all entrepreneurs to work with DemGen on a Future Vision Map – it is a necessary process every entrepreneur should go through if he or she is serious about growing their business!

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