“Working on the Future Vision Map – envisioning the future and contemplating my current situation and goals – was extremely helpful to me for focusing on what I could put behind and what I needed to press forward with in the future. The process helped me screen multiple directions I could take, and saved me much time in planning through Will’s skilled questioning. Screening through the issues and finding the most important direction without being distracted by less important areas helped me identify what I needed to do to build an effective team, and to identify what kind of support would be helpful.  In short the process of discovery helped me immensely to clarify where I am going; it was very comprehensive and I was grateful to work with Will.”

Cam Cassavo


“Before DemGen, we were feeling ‘stuck’ in second gear; our business had plateaued and we were finding it difficult to attract new clients.

We were bogged down by all the ‘stuff’ – administrative, organizational and operational. We knew we were excellent at what we did, but we needed to get in front of more clients. We’d tried all the marketing tactics that others try in our industry to no avail.

Then we met DemGen and signed up for their ‘Future Vision Map’. From Day 1, it was an enlightening experience. Our strategist and coach encouraged us to introspect and understand what makes us tick. He also asked excellent questions that uncovered various insights about the market, competitors and trends. Together we came up with a unique positioning for our business that was so simple yet provided us with a clear point of differentiation amongst our competitors. We then put together a practical implementation plan to bring our ideas to life.

The journey towards building our Future Vision Map with DemGen was a complete eye-opener. We are now more enthusiastic and energized about our business and focus on our priorities, rather than being overwhelmed by everyday tasks. Our business is now on the road to growth and success.

We would encourage all entrepreneurs to work with DemGen on a Future Vision Map – it is a necessary process every entrepreneur should go through if he or she is serious about growing their business!”



“I can say that the Future Vision Map™ process was most enlightening. I really loved that process, getting to play in the world of possibilities that was then translated in to a bigger picture than what I might have dreamed up on my own. It stretched me, which I like. And I was very thankful for Will’s strong intuition, which guided the process so seamlessly.”

Denise Clelan


“You have been a great help to us, and we value the contribution DemGen has made to get Accountable Growth to where we are today: from the Future Vision Map, to the new website, to online web interactions via LinkedIn, to organizational systems of internal storage and communication, to copy writing support for blog posts and a speaker kit.”

Dennis MacGillivray


“DemGen has taken the time to thoroughly assess my business and my needs; the process I was guided through worked very well, and there is nothing about it that I would change.  The people involved have been very intuitive – they formulated a plan that follows my vision, and have taken proactive steps to implement that plan.

The Future Vision Map process with DemGen really helped me to evaluate my business finding the strengths and weaknesses, and solidifying a plan around these. Demgen has also allowed me to investigate and initiate many other related business projects. I consider myself both a surgeon and an entrepreneur, and DemGen has given me the tools to explore my entrepreneurial interests.”

Dr. Cory Goldberg

“Our Future Vision Map experience with Demgen has been very unique. Will has offered great insight to many of our concerns and has been able to provide us with many custom-fit solutions to choose from.  So far so good!

I think the genius abilities of the organization as a whole are really what stands out for me the most.”

Keith Moyer 
General Superintendent 
Leon E. Wintermyer, Inc. 


“We really enjoyed working with you, and since we discovered through the FVM that the cash flow portion of the business is in need of improvement. We are excited about the opportunity to gain significant funds via grants in order to facilitate the expansions we set out within the FVM as our goals.”

Cheryl  & Tracy 
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