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Our future is entirely within our own control.
Charles F. Haanel, The Master Key System

As every business advisor, book or magazine will tell you – your plan is the key to your success.

We’ve seen countless businesses struggle, fail or worse, limp along on life support for years due to not having a detailed plan for the future in place.

Whether experiencing too much growth to maintain or not enough to survive, our Future Vision Map programs will help you to evaluate the key areas of your business that need to be focused on to ensure sustainable growth.

3 Pillars (Perfect for new ventures or start-ups):

  • Business Purpose – An analysis of your motives for being in business, your core values, the changes you are seeking to bring about immediately, and your long-term vision for the future.
  • Situational Assessment – An examination of your company’s marketplace, key competitors, and strengths and weaknesses in relation to knowledge, skills, and resources
  • Marketing Strategy – A review of your company’s products and services, pricing and distribution strategies, positioning and sales strategies, and promotional programs.

6 Pillars (Perfect or established operations or large ventures):

Includes everything in the 3 pillar FVM, plus:

  • Organizational Analysis – An exploration of your company’s human resources, working culture, roles and responsibilities, as well as both recruiting and training methods.
  • Business Operations – A study of your current systems, tools, procedures, the role of technology, and your approach to time management
  • Financials – An evaluation of your company’s key figures, revenue streams, expenses, profit margins, and potential for growth.

Do It Yourself:

The FVM DIY covers all of the key areas of the guided versions.

Intended for new businesses that may not have the capital to invest in a guided program, it provides all of the information required to create your Future Vision Map, on your own.


The Future Vision Map has been helping businesses flourish since we launched this program, but you don’t have to take our word for it!  Check out our Happy Client Testimonials

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