It’s true, we really are your one-stop-shop for done-for-you-services!

 You can delegate pretty much anything to our team.

Even our clients sometimes have a hard time believing all that we do, but it’s true.


Instead of tooting our own horn about the services we provide, we’d prefer to show you the proof through an extended case study featuring one of our favorite clients.

Kris Murray of Child Care Marketing Solutions started out as a one-woman show…  As her business grew, she needed support and came to DemGen.

We helped her to increase her revenues, move into her dream house in Colorado and separate her home and family life by opening a business office instead of working from home.  Her business became so successful, her husband Devin decided to join her working in the business.


How did we do it?

  • Event management for her successful Child Care Success Summit
  • Social media management for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Infusionsoft CRM management
  • Graphic design for events, promotions and products
  • Newsletters, ezines and blog posts for her prospects and members
  • Shopping cart and sales management
  • Customer support and relationship building
  • Transcribing member calls
  • Calendar management

The results we achieved were:

  • Revenues continue to increase year-to-year
  • Social media followers have increased by over 80% to date
  • Marketing list continues to grow
  • Better clients were attracted and retained


There’s a reason Kris and Devin refer to their DemGen project manager as their ‘goddess’.  But, you don’t have to take our word for it…

Kris_Murray_Web_Photo“As a solo-preneur, I desperately needed help getting more tasks done in my business and didn’t know where to turn. I am so happy that I found DemGen. They have made life a lot easier and allowed me to FOCUS on the most important revenue-producing aspects of my business. I’ve used DemGen staff for customer service and support, transcription, web site updates, and graphic design. All excellent. I would recommend them to anyone looking for “virtual” assistance!”

 Kris Murray President, Child Care Marketing Solutions


So, are you ready to start reaching life-long goals like Kris did?  Are you ready to delegate to achieve results faster and more efficiently?