Outsource to DemGen for additional support for your team!

With no overhead, you pay only for what you need…
Why hire a temp when you can outsource to a team of experts?


Our team of experts have a proven track record of supporting corporation’s in-house staff for sales, lead management, customer service, and much more – since 2005.

We have a full suite of services to support your team in completing projects and reaching goals.

Is your company:

  • Missing out on sales due to a disconnected lead nurturing system?
  • Investing in advertising or trade-shows, yet not following up with leads?
  • Losing clients due to overwhelming help desk or customer service needs?
  • Lacking an in-house HR team to recruit new hires?

For less than the price of one full time employee, you can get access to a team of over 35, available on-demand, for any project you require support with.

Instead of sourcing, interviewing, hiring and training temporary employees for every support need you have – consider outsourcing the work to our team instead!

Your dedicated Project Manager will work with your in-house team to learn your corporate structure and systems intricately, and train your DemGen team on your behalf.  You only train us once!

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We’ve helped our corporate clients:

  • Increase sales 10x through 75-80% close rates
  • Develop relationships to turn formerly lost leads into potential customers
  • Keep their clients happy by handling over 1000 customer service calls
  • Recruit in-house staff when an internal HR department wasn’t available

Here’s what they have to say about us…

“Gilbarco Veeder-Root established a relationship with DemGen in January 2006 with a view towards developing a new sales channel that would cost-effectively target small to medium sized businesses for our product services line. This was the very first time we had considered using an outsourced sales approach and our requirements included a partner that could show extreme flexibility, meet tight deadlines, be able to adapt on-the-fly, provide quality staff and complete the loop on sales for us. DemGen has continued to exceed our expectations and has become an important contributor to our revenue growth plans. Starting with simple proof-of-concept initiatives we have expanded our agreement to encompass multiple campaigns of varying complexity and are confident that DemGen will continue adding value to our efforts.

I would recommend DemGen as a viable channel partner to any firm that has aggressive sales and marketing goals. I especially appreciate their people, their flexibility and their commitment towards building a win-win scenario for their customers and partners.”

Fawaz Khalil
Director of Services Marketing, Gilbarco Veeder-Root

“As a result of the encouraging results we got from our initial test efforts, there is interest in expanding the scope to seasonal milestone-based campaigns for which we will need to be able to pull in resources that can be fulfilled by utilizing your company’s services.  I really liked how quickly your team was able to dive into a project and was committed to a high level of customer service to the contacts they spoke to. I wanted to thank you and your team for helping us confirm and vet the process.”

Grace Chiam-Hester
Service Marketing & Support Manager, Mettler-Toledo

Find out why Forbes magazine said, “Virtual work has the potential to be similarly world changing. The virtualization of business is like outsourcing on steroids: not only is it highly efficient, but it is probably the most advanced and evolved economic system yet devised.”

Give us a ‘test project’ and we’ll most likely pay for ourselves!

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