Would You Like More Free Time
to Focus on New Revenue Streams, Get More Clients
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If you want to get back to focusing on what you do best, and
delegate ‘the rest’ to a trusted team you can always rely on, then
our virtual team of experts is for you!

Our team allows you to focus on your genius abilities and revenue generating activities, while confidently delegating those creative, technical and administrative tasks that eat up your time and give you headaches.

We have a full suite of services for any task you’re ready to delegate, and will create a customized package to suit your unique needs.

We are not virtual assistants.  We are experts collaborating as a virtual team.  We recruit the best and conduct multiple interviews, reference checks and test projects to ensure our team really does what they say.

You can rest assured that your team is comprised of top-notch professionals with years of proven expertise in their respective field.  We take the guesswork out of hiring virtually.

There’s a reason our clients stay with us for years!

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Still not convinced?  We’d like to tell you the story of Big Futures

Adrienne and Patrick Duffy are internationally acclaimed speakers, facilitators, authors and coaches.  They are the architects of The Moon Project®, a platform of innovative organizational development and leadership programs designed to help individuals and teams achieve their vision and goals in order to reach their “Big Future.”

With a busy schedule travelling internationally speaking, writing and, of course, working with clients – the Duffys were understandably overwhelmed when they came to us.

We added more hours to their day and more dollars to their bottom line by:

  • Managing their calendars for client appointments, travel and productivity
  • Documenting key information after client calls or live meetings
  • Managing their overwhelming email activity
  • Interacting with clients as needed
  • Ordering and delivering gifts for clients
  • Scheduling travel and hotel bookings regularly
  • Setting-up a client invoice system using Freshbooks to automate invoicing and track time
  • Setting-up a new virtual phone system using Grasshopper
  • Identifying iPhone apps to assist with productivity

Their project manager Kim is now the ‘go-to-girl’ for the Duffys, their clients and even their family!

But, you don’t have to take our word for it…

Patrick and Adrienne Duffy“DemGen has proven itself to be an innovative organization of talented individuals who create value for us with both passion and integrity. Our experience at Big Futures is they are supportive teammates who enable us to better respond to both the opportunities and demands of our own clients.

We feel partnering with DemGen this year is a significant milestone in enabling us to take even more responsibility and accountability with our own clients; while simplifying our game plan with great new capabilities.

Going virtual with inside support has been a positive breakthrough; helping us to better navigate the challenging path of managing resources while being productive and focused. Our referral of DemGen to numerous clients and associates of our own in a relatively short time frame speaks directly to the high regard with which we view them.

DemGen continues to meet or exceed our expectations – and we believe that is a strong endorsement given the leadership league we operate in.”

Adrienne & Patrick Duffy
Big Futures

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