As the number of new start ups decreases and less people jump at the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, one fact stands out above all the rest. There are so many choices to make when starting a new business, that most give up before they even get started.

Many seem to be confused when it comes to the necessary steps to take when starting a new business. There are three basic premises which need to be covered by any new entrepreneur and none of the three has anything to do with financing or a business plan.

Always be professional. In your personal life as well as your business life. You ARE your business and your personal reputation will at some point cross over into your business reputation. At one time this was called ‘grace under pressure’, it means handling yourself with dignity, no matter what. 

inquiring catsDevelop an inquiring mind. You will be handling tasks for those who have hired you so make sure you get all of the details up front. Carry your curiosity over into other aspects of your life. The more things you are interested in, the better able you become at juggling various aspects of your business. This also gives you the ability to read people better, which leads to choosing the best clients to work with as well as the highest quality employees to hire. 

Make friends with your computer. There are hundreds of no cost web applications that are simple to use and will help you stay organized and on track. It also opens up a whole new way of educating yourself, both with online courses and websites that offer information on anything you could possibly imagine, from music to geography. Expand your knowledge in areas other than business. A well rounded person makes a far more interesting entrepreneur than one whose only interest is business alone!


image by Elaine Vigneault on Flickr