demgen client spotlight, cory goldbertPlease tell us more about your practice.

My practice is a mix of reconstructive surgery such as breast reconstruction, facial injuries and skin cancer; cosmetic surgery including face, breast and body procedures; and medical aesthetics such as Dysport and other injectable products as well as laser and other energy based technologies. I work at Trillium Health Center, my own private practice in the west end of Toronto, and am also a partner in Sanctuary International Spas, which has seven locations around Southern Ontario, including Muskoka and Niagara-on-the-Lake.

What inspired you to create this company?

I believe that the standard surgical practice is limited in the breadth and quality of service that it can provide. A single surgeon running an isolated practice is comparable to a single pilot owning a plane and trying to run an airline – nobody would expect a pilot to have the ability to manage all the business aspects of an airline, nor to have time to both fly and handle the business. My vision is one where physicians and surgeons can work together offering comprehensive and integrated services in the areas of health, wellness and beauty.

What common trends do you see with your clients?

Both the non-surgical and surgical cosmetic industries are growing. The trends I see are a growing market both from baby-boomers as well as under 40 segment, and more people wanting non-invasive ways of addressing their aesthetic concerns.

What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?

The popular image of the over-privileged, over-operated Plastic Surgery junkie is simply not the norm. The vast majority of people having cosmetic procedures are ordinary people, with specific personal aesthetic goals. Many people live with a feeling of dissatisfaction in their appearance, which can profoundly affect how they feel about themselves as a whole, and how they interact with the world. I find immense satisfaction in helping people overcome these issues, and seeing the positive impact it has on them; it is truly a life altering transformation, and I am fortunate to be a part of that.

What are your greatest recent accomplishments (both with DemGen and otherwise)?

My greatest accomplishment in the business to this point has been the creation of the necessary components to assemble and expand into my vision of a multi-disciplinary multi-center network that can deliver the cutting edge of health, wellness and beauty. DemGen has helped me to solidify these components, and give me direction on how to use them. I continue to enjoy daily successes with individual patients, which fuels my passion for this industry.

How has working with DemGen benefited your business?

The Future Vision Map process with DemGen really helped me to evaluate my business finding the strengths and weaknesses, and solidifying a plan around these. Demgen has also allowed me to investigate and initiate many other related business projects. I consider myself both a surgeon and an entrepreneur, and DemGen has given me the tools to explore my entrepreneurial interests.

How has ‘going virtual’ benefited your business?

Virtual business has meant access to a variety of experts in an efficient manner. My strategic adviser oversees all aspects of the team, which allows me to focus on my business. Other than the direct personal doctor-patient interactions inherent in my industry, most other aspects of the business can be done virtually. I have even converted some of my own staff to working virtually part time. I am surprised how much can be done this way, and how much efficiency it can provide.

Did you have any initial reservations about ‘going virtual’?   If so, what made you change your mind? 

I always held the belief that a traditional office with staff physically present was the only way to run a business, especially something like cosmetic surgery. However, seeing the flexibility that i have gained by tapping into skills and resources that i could never access from my own in-house staff, and the efficient way the virtual resources are managed by DemGen has convinced me that virtual business is beneficial even in my industry.

Has DemGen exceeded your expectations?

The executive and “genius abilities” team have met or exceeded my expectations consistently.

Cory Goldberg


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