Roger Pierce image November 2012You may have noticed our guest blogger this month, Roger Pierce.

Roger is a long-time friend and client of DemGen.  We hope you’ve been enjoying his blog posts this month and thought this would be a great opportunity to interview him and share more about what he does.

Please tell us more about PierceWords.

Pierce Content Marketing ( creates blog posts and videos to help B2b marketers engage small business customers. For example, we might produce a short video offering advice about managing cash flow in a small business. Or a 400-word article on niche marketing. The corporate customer then posts these pieces on their blog, website or newsletter.

Business owners have many questions about starting and growing businesses. Corporations want to meet business owners. It’s an opportunity to connect the two and make a living at doing what I love: advising entrepreneurs.

Corporations are after the small business market because it is very lucrative – they spend bigger bucks than most consumer categories. So I’m not surprised to see more and more companies ramping up strategies to connect with entrepreneurs. Plus, with tight budgets, content marketing is a natural fit because it’s very inexpensive when compared with more traditional tactics such as direct mail or advertising.

What’s the most rewarding thing about what you do?

The most rewarding thing I do is prepare some practical information that can help a small business owner in a small way. If one article we write about succession planning or social media sparks a thought or solves a problem for an entrepreneur, I’m happy.

How has working with DemGen benefited your business?

I’m happy with the market research and business development work DemGen is doing for us because it frees me up to work on my business.

I’ve worked with DemGen within two of my companies now, and each time I hire them I feel a sense of relief because I know the work is in good hands. They really function like an extended part of my company, handling tasks and projects just like an employee or manager would. DemGen holds my complete confidence, and that’s the sign of a great partner. The attention to detail is astounding – often they think of things I never would!

How has ‘going virtual’ benefited your business?

Going virtual has long been a goal of mine. I’m moving must of our company operations to the cloud, by embracing tools such as VoIP,, BaseCamp and online conferencing solutions. DemGen seems like a natural extension to those manoeuvres because they easily set up our communications, project tracking, file sharing and reporting to the web.

Has DemGen lived up to your expectations?

So far DemGen is exceeding my expectations in terms of customer service. It’s like the team is ‘always on’, and able to answer my questions or correspondence or requests. We have weekly production meetings to check in on progress against planned goals and everyone is punctual and organized and always professional.

I’m looking forward to more great work with DemGen!


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