Denise_Clelan1.  Since we last interviewed you, what developments have there been with your business?

We’ve launched “The Conscious Entrepreneur” teleclass series, designed to give entrepreneurs a peak under the hood of what’s possible for them through CORE Energy™ Coaching. In addition, for the past several months I’ve been publishing Wisdom on Wings, thought provoking content to support entrepreneurs in their personal growth and fulfillment. And it’s exciting to note that team and individual coaching relationships have continued to build and are near full capacity.

2.  What trends in business did you notice last year?

I really haven’t seen a clear trend per se. Here in the U.S., many small business owners seem to be feeling their way through the “new norm” with the impact of health care reform and increases in taxes and regulations. By their nature, entrepreneurs are brilliant at seeing opportunity even when the odds seem stacked against them. However, most are finding it more difficult than ever to reach a level of predictability from which they can confidently move forward. There is a lot of
unease and this seems to be translating to more measured risk taking than in other times.

3.  What was your biggest accomplishment last year?

I’d have to say that witnessing such profound shifts in my clients’ lives—watching them uncover what’s been awaiting their discovery for years and then using it to propel themselves farther than they ever dreamed possible—would have to be my
biggest accomplishment. And personally, I’ve found real joy in some of the most surprising places. It’s been deeply fulfilling.

4.  What is your biggest goal for next year?

In June, I’m launching a 6-month program designed specifically for successful entrepreneurs who are committed to personal growth, and who want to enrich their lives in a meaningful way. Each program group will have no more than 10 attendees, allowing for meaningful dialogue and rich connection. I wish I could describe how powerful this experience will be! It’s one of a kind and participants will walk away revitalized– knowing themselves better than ever before. They will understand and will live out their own personal formula for confidence, success, and inner contentment. Very, very exciting! Anyone interested in knowing more should really check it out on my website and seize the opportunity to learn more.

5.  What services do you utilize DemGen’s virtual team for?

I primarily utilize the DemGen team for marketing, graphic design and website management. I love that they can pull all of the various pieces together for my business, enabling me to focus on creating value for my clients.

6.  How has working with DemGen’s virtual team helped support your business growth?

It’s one thing to have an idea, yet another to stay on track and see that idea come to fruition. Having a strong team supporting me, gives me space to dream and create without the distraction of wondering HOW I’ll put it all into action. For years, that was a missing piece for me and it definitely slowed my growth. There’s no doubt that having DemGen’s team behind me has moved me much more quickly from thought to action. And I absolutely love the fact that I’m able to access whatever type of talent is needed to accomplish the goal, without having to personally search to find it.


Denise Clelan is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and Energy Leadership™ Master Practitioner who coaches successful entrepreneurs to their ultimate potential, while experiencing freedom and fulfilment in every area of life. Learn more about how you will benefit from her transformational coaching experience by visiting her website at or by emailing her personally at


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