images Yes, I know that taking the stairs is good exercise. It’s wise to avoid the elevator and keep yourself in good shape but there are times when it’s much smarter to just go in the fastest, most efficient elevator and go right to the top.

Many of us, as small business owners, aren’t even aware that we make our customers take the stairs. Though, like the stairs, we may always be available for them, our concepts are outdated, we are slow in getting to where we need to be and we take the long way around, while still putting most of the work on our clients.

Many times when you call a business and expect good service, you end up running around, contacting this person or that person in order to get what you originally requested. Customer service agents are lazy and unmotivated and the owners are out of touch with what their customers want and need, or they don’t care. It’s frustrating trying to get in touch with who you to wish to speak with and also to purchase the exact service or product you need within a reasonable time frame. Increasingly, businesses are charging more but giving you less in return.

Don’t your customers deserve better? Don’t they deserve a business owner who is interested in their welfare, mindful of quality and quick to respond? Don’t you, as a business owner, want to have pride in the service you provide? Competition is tough now and amid all of the businesses that provide mediocre service, there are only several that stand out as being the best. These are the businesses where you know you will reach someone who will pay attention to what you want and need. They go out of their way to be efficient and take care of your needs as quickly as possible. If they can’t, they will find someone who will.

When running a small business, there will always be those who have been around longer and are better known. You will have to push to make your way to the top and the best method to do that is by offering your customers the best of what you have and not relegating them to working their own way up the stairs.

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image courtesy of mywalkingpictures