new entrepreneur     Do any of these describe you? Rigid thinker, overly sensitive, overly confident. Have you no interest in learning new things and are you impatient and tend to give up easily?

The answer to your business problems most likely revolves around your personality and your attitudes, chosen or not. In a business world where changes are constant, the traits most needed to succeed as an entrepreneur have also stepped up a notch.

Never one to be afraid of competition, you now have the international community to think about when you are updating services. While past entrepreneurs were told to rely on themselves but also to take the opinions of others into consideration, those outside ideas may just be the ticket to innovation now and what turns around the momentum of your business growth.

Do you come across as a hustler? The persona that you show the world may just need to be turned down a little now, otherwise you may come across as someone who is trying to scam others. The risks that were once a given as a business owner, now should be a little less risky, and the expenses just a little bit less. Frugal business is the newest way to compete and succeed. While your customers still expect you to be confident in yourself and what you offer, you had better be able to back up every word since now they are comparing your products to a multitude of others that are available.

The new entrepreneur needs to be flexible in how they run their business and what they offer their customers. Resilience is more important than ever and many small business owners realize this as they take courses in their spare time and prepare for other opportunities. Their vision isn’t as one sided as it was at one time and their sense of self has expanded to include seeing themselves wearing many hats. The flexibility that has always been so important has grown to include other ideas of how to run their business and when to decide this is no longer what they wish to do.

The patience and goal oriented way they have lived has paid off, in that they now know there are many ways to run a successful business and that what once worked has changed tremendously. The successful entrepreneur does not get frustrated easily and they don’t make a big deal of the little things, for there will be many little things. Their business manner has relaxed into a more personable way of dealing with the public – one on one, rather than just business owner to consumer.

As a long time business owner, you realize that self-discipline has always been an important part of your life, within your business and also outside of it. You know that to stay grounded, living in the present is the most important thing you can do and being realistic is one trait you have always possessed. The business world may be changing and some of the traits needed to survive may also be changing but knowing within yourself what you, personally, need to run your business successfully, is the most important trait you may ever rely on.

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