As an entrepreneur you are the ruler of your own business kingdom. When it comes to time management, being in charge of yourself is the biggest challenge you face.

Whether you allocate seven hours or seventy to your work week, making the most of your productive time is essential to your business growth and success. It’s easy to undermine your own best intentions. Here are several strategies to keep you effectively reach your goals.

What are Your Priorities?

Clarity is vision. Translated into action, those three words mean the difference between operating in a fog of misdirection and having a clear business perspective. By knowing what you want, you can align your plans with your goals.

Work backwards for faster results

You can be light-years ahead of the competition if you first identify your long-term goals. Once you know what your goals are and by what day they are to be completed, decide on the short-term actions required to reach each one. “If I want this result by next year, I will achieve this by next month, this by next week and this by tomorrow afternoon.” Be clear about how you will proceed and when, in order to reach your planned results.


Look back, look forward and be here now

Evaluate and learn from the path you take. Forecast and plan for the future. The key to productivity is what you do in the present moment. Present actions are what determine future possibilities. It pays to mindfully choose each one and then give it your full attention.

Get up and go!

Stretch your body in order to stretch your mind and your productivity. Breathe deeply, use your muscles and take frequent breaks from work to increase your focus, to help relax between tasks and to maintain general good health – all essential ingredients for maximum productivity.


Tip #5: Remember, you’re the boss!

Are you a slave to your own email, telephone or office assistant(s)? When your tools become time tyrants, it is time to take control. Actively limit when you go online, pick up the phone or interact with your team. This adds hours to your daily productivity potential. It’s up to you to be your own best boss.


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image by Cuito Cuanavale