Few of us truly schedule our lives to be in alignment with our dreams, goals and priorities. To balance your own life well, a few simple tips can help.

Tip #1: Know your priorities

Many people spend their lives trying to figure out what they really want rather than pursuing it in every way possible. Since their priorities are not clear to them, neither is the direction they are headed in nor their goals in life. List and rank your priorities, then set clear and strong goals.

Tip #2: Examine your beliefs, patterns and habits

We each inherit, (for lack of a better word) cultural, family, peer and professional roles that do not truly serve our own life purpose. Look at what has driven you in the past and decide what will inspire you in the future. Consciously choose goals that are in alignment with your dreams.

Tip #3: Match your priorities to your actions

When you work for others you live their priorities. When you work for yourself you choose what to do next. Maximizing productivity will increase your profits, peace of mind and flexibility to live all your chosen priorities.

  • Use your own unique abilities

  • Be realistic with time commitments

  • Focus on top projects first

  • Minimize distractions

  • Replace ineffective habits

Tip #4: Audit yourself and re-evaluate often

Get yourself in line through honest self-appraisal and redirection. Learn from past choices and make new ones that match your priorities.

What you do with your time is the best measure of your priorities. It pays to know what is most important to effectively make choices that will get you where you want to go.

Effective time management enables you to live the life of your dreams.



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