Clear your desk

At the end of each day, clear everything you can from the surface of your desk and put it where it belongs. Organize what’s left and throw out what isn’t needed. Then you can start each morning  with less clutter. This will let you focus on what needs to be done since it removes distractions and reduces stress.

Take breaks

Getting up and moving around, even stopping for a few minutes and drinking a glass of water gives you and especially your eyes a needed break from the computer. You will come back refreshed. DON’T eat your meals in front of the computer, savour time away from your desk and phone. When was the last time you enjoyed your lunch without checking emails? Did you even taste what you were eating or did you just shovel it in and get right back to work?

Discover your peak time

When are you freshest or at your most productive?  Plan your “brain-powered” tasks for that time or focus on your priorities! Don’t end your day exhausted and feeling that you let yourself down because you haven’t completed what you set out to do.

photo by davidgsteadman

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