In honor of Cyber Monday, we’re celebrating the benefits of working virtually!

Increased Productivity

Virtual teams aren’t limited by the distractions of typical offices. There are no water cooler distractions or constant interruptions. Many studies have proven that virtual teams work longer and harder than their counterparts in office buildings.

Better Tools & Systems

To effectively work in cyberspace, virtual teams utilize a number of tools and systems to communicate and stay organized. This tends to lead to increased creativity and accountability.

Expert Team

When not limited by proximity (good parking, subway, childcare), you are free to hire the best of the best. This opens up your business to a world of opportunities, literally.

Reduced Costs

Most virtual teams are paid by the hour or project, meaning you only pay for what you require. You don’t pay for coffee or lunch breaks, computers or any other of the many expenses required for a typical office. *And keep in mind that there are reduced costs to the virtual support team, with no parking, travel, lunch, dry cleaning, etc. Overall, win, win, win for all including the environment.

Less Impact on the Environment

By eliminating the need to commute, virtual workers eliminate pollution from transportation. Eliminating commuting time also ensures virtual workers start their day fresh and ready to dive in.

The bottom line is that virtual teams are constantly growing and are here to stay. As technology continues to develop, more and more individuals will choose to work virtually. Corporations have already begun to follow suit and will continue to do so as they realize the potential benefits.