entrepreneurIt seems your friends and everyone around you work the 9-5 shift. Or the 10-5 shift and so on. Your work hours vary. The days you work vary. You may be up with the birds or going to bed as the sun comes up. You work virtually. You are an entrepreneur. The main differences?

Breaking the self confidence barrier. You spent months going over the pros and cons of starting a business and here you are several years later with excellent inter-personal skills and a new found ability to speak with just about anyone on a number of topics. This led you to new business associates and new found friendships.

You’re never bored as work is actually enjoyable. One of the top reasons listed for job unhappiness is not the job itself but the other employees at the place of employment. As an entrepreneur you are the boss. If you wish to take on a virtual assistant, that will be up to you but in the meantime you are doing what you do best, while improving your skills and creating your perfect business.

Being able to use your skills for their intended reason. Rather than being overlooked at a job, regardless of your talents, you now have expanded on your previous knowledge and have become somewhat of an expert in the technology that you always wanted to learn more about. Your online skills have improved to the point that you are now the one that others go to for advice.

You are the CEO. For the control freaks out there, being the master is what it’s all about. If you want to work ridiculous hours or a ridiculous amount of hours, it’s up to you. Total freedom in your method of getting things done is all that matters, because, after all, who knows how to build their own business better than you? Your ideas are now at the forefront.

Time off. Nothing feels better than being able to reward yourself after days of hard work, with well earned days or even weeks off. The luxury of arranging your work and holiday schedule is worth all of that effort you put into building a successful business.

Retirement. What’s that? Knowing that you won’t have to quit working at some certain date in the foreseeable future gives you a second and even third lease on life. Having the option to continue working at what you love to do and enjoying the income that comes with it is a luxury that you can afford.

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