Despite what Yahoo may think, telecommuting is the way of the future. After an internal Yahoo memo was leaked to the Wall Street Journal on Friday about the company’s decision to not allow employees to telecommute, the internet has been rife with objections.

Here at DemGen we’ve built a successful business that’s helped countless entrepreneurs, virtually. We empathize with Yahoo employees who are now being forced to potentially spend hours commuting.

We’re clearly a bit biased in our belief that telecommuting is the way of the future, because it’s what we do and we’re great at it. In the wake of Yahoo’s news, we’re overjoyed to see the world agrees with us!

Forbes says Marissa Mayer is wrong, freedom for workers means productivity for companies. MSNBC warns the experts say telecommuting is here to stay. Harvard Business Review explains that virtual teams outperform traditional ones.

We’re keenly aware there is a portion of the market that isn’t ready to be convinced that telecommuting can increase results, revenue and productivity. Our clients understand this and it shows in our case studies and testimonials.

In working with countless successful entrepreneurs working form a home office and doing so internally, we’ve realized that the common trend is that we all need to force ourselves to stop working. Instead of counting down the hours to get out of the office, we’re excited to start working and don’t want to stop.

We do realize that there are certain things that can only be completed live.  We are speaking to all of the other tasks that could be completed in the time it takes to commute or have a water cooler conversation.  Let’s face it commuting is not motivational.  It’s also expensive and not good for the environment.

Going virtual and telecommuting is the way of the future.  It increases productivity and gets results. This trend clearly here to stay and will continue to grow.

Yay virtual!

Tamara Smith

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