Will TaylorWorking in the virtual realm, it’s helpful for us to share more about our team, so you have the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level.

We’d like to introduce you to Will…

While not jet-setting around the world, Will has coordinated the collective output of various teams and projects for over a decade. He especially loves working virtually, and openly welcomes the challenge of engaging clients and support teams cross multiple time zones.

Born in Canada, Will completed his Master’s degree in International Relations at the University of Wales in the UK.

His passion is helping others with strategic planning to help their businesses excel.  He embraces finding solutions to creative and business challenges.

With DemGen, Will acts as a Future Vision Map Strategist and Business Vision Advisor, helping clients to realize their ideal future business vision and implement the steps required to reach their goals.

Will believes that virtual workspaces are the key to the future – both in terms of creating happier workforces as well as a healthier global environment for the next generation; he essentially ‘walks the talk’ by connecting with team members from around the world, and consistently demonstrates that working from anywhere and everywhere is an accessible reality. Will notes that the majority of ‘remote’ colleagues he has worked with feel their virtual workspace is important to their overall job satisfaction – in no small part due to the flexibility it offers – and that the quality and timeliness of their deliverables has only improved since abandoning their office cubicles. For all of these reasons, Will remains excited about helping others embrace the unprecedented freedom and significant benefits to be gained from ‘working in the cloud’.

In his own words: “I love working online and enjoying the freedom that comes from a virtual workspace; simultaneously I both live to work (I love helping others free up their lives) and work to live (I love connecting with clients from beachfronts, lakesides, forests, mountaintops, castles, golf courses, and other exotic locations all over the world).

To that end, working for DemGen has been a dream – collaborating with an incredibly talented cloud-based group of professionals in support of a wide variety of clients – what more could a virtual enthusiast ask for?”


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