What is keeping you from jumping in with both feet and starting the dream business that you have been contemplating? Self-employment tends to make people uncomfortable since up until now, it has not been the prevailing pattern. Often there is a belief that perceivedl business hurdles are just too great to surmount. Many are the prospective entrepreneurs who put off their dreams and goals with the excuse that they do not have a formal and detailed business plan to get them started. Let’s dispel that myth here and now. A carefully executed plan of action, while great if you have one, is not the key to doing real business in today’s global marketplace. Sometimes such a plan can be very helpful, but it is not the end-all predictor of success.

Starting a new venture takes a belief in your business model along with an understanding of who will be served, what they will purchase and how your business will supply the product or service at a profitable margin. These elements are basic to getting your business off the ground. Once started, the hands-on experience and customer feedback from making sales, delivering products, and providing services will determine the evolving plans in far more realistic ways than prior elaborations and forecasts of the possibilities. Markets are trendy, erratic and dependent on myriad unpredictable factors. Having the good sense and business acumen to be versatile, responsive, and market-smart will stand you in much better stead than inserting a preconceived business plan that demands compliance.

Let the business plan develop as an observation-inspiration feedback loop that freely responds to the “now” moments presented in your business

Tomorrow is best handled by being fully present to today’s requests and requirements and by utilizing your creative thought and initiative. How well you “roll with it” will determine to a large extent the success model that your business comes to represent over time. The best plan is to do what it takes to become a sustainable entrepreneurial company; one that thrives today with the intention of also thriving tomorrow. The best entrepreneurs create new pathways to make business in a global network of associates, competitors, clients, cultural and environmental influences of unimaginable variety. Let the myths fall away as you make your own path.

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