Entrepreneurial ventures come in many shapes and sizes and are inspired by creative ideas, the desire for independence, necessities of circumstance, perceived opportunities, and many other reasons. Going into business for oneself is not the path chosen by most.

Though some might look back and say the timing was exactly right for them to start their new venture, it is hindsight alone that allows such an observation. Timing may have much less to do with success than other factors. First of all, let’s examine what perfect timing could conceivably look like.

Would the new business owner be young? Many successful entrepreneurs spent a number of months or years working in similar or widely differing fields before taking the plunge into their own businesses. Indeed, many retirees choose to become self-employed, especially in financially challenging times such as these. Sometimes youthful ventures are wildly successful – hurray for that! And sometimes on-the-job experience, a long-held dream or changing life circumstances become the fuel that fires success.


Would being debt-free or financially stable create the circumstance of perfect timing? While there are undoubtedly some stories of such beginnings, they are rare and no more cause for success than the exact opposite scenario: one of great desire to surmount indebtedness and become financially secure. Many businesses require no capital investment to get off the ground. Others that do can be subsidized by small business grants, bank loans and venture capital opportunities.

Would going into a self-run business while single and without dependents be the perfect time of life? Certainly there are many stories of such timing, and it is also true that countless entrepreneurs have the support and participation of life partners, parents, siblings or children. Even grandparents join in the fun in many cases. Wanting to home school or to personally care for one’s children or aging parents can be keen motivators for a start-up venture from home.


When asked if their own timing of starting a business was perfect, very few entrepreneurs are likely to agree. The older ones may cite the radical shifts required in their lifestyles and career paths. The younger ones may have had to juggle college or two jobs to get going. Whatever the challenges may have been, the successful ones will note that the hard tasks and necessary changes were essential to the benefits they received. Perfect timing comes with the will to succeed. The old adage could be amended slightly to read:

When there is a will, then there is a way.

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images uploaded to Flickr by Andreas Kollegger